pdf's of my writing

A Bitcoin Future Dan's most recent book tackles the issue of fiat currency, the meltdown of human nervous systems, and the cure in Bitcoin. 578 KB
BITCOIN MUSINGS 2022 A philosophical look at the most extraordinary technology...ever. 463 KB
20 Brief Observations About the Brain, the Nervous System, and on our Collective Blindness, Gorgeous Vulnerability and Tragic Beauty Dan's recent 71 page personal reflection on the brain, nervous system and mind. 421 KB
The Bodhisattva on the Sideline: Coaching Youth Sports with Awareness, Wisdom and Compassion Dan's reflections on youth sports coaching, taken from the perspective of Buddhist mindfulness and awareness. 373 KB
Where No One Has Gone Before: The Neuroscience of STAR TREK An examination of ten Star Trek episodes and how each serves as a unique and powerful metaphor for our unique neuro-physiological experiences. 678 KB
Behaving Badly - The Neurology of Acting Like an Asshole A more colorful look at the ways in which our neuro-physiology impacts our lives. 356 KB

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